All info about the Tournament is on the website. Please read carefully!

Fill out the registration form here on the website before you make a payment. Please be on time with your registration payment. Late payments will NOT be accepted. The spots are limited. Hurry up as spots are filled on a first-come basis. After the registration deadline no registration will be allowed.

It's not allowed to pay partial amount. Team fees incurred by NFA must be paid in full by the entry registration deadline each event.  Otherwise your team registration is not complete.

You can register yourself just to pick / reserve your spot but you have to inform your partner's name by the registration deadline.

Any changes to your registration is allowed until Tuesday before the tournament at 11:59pm (EST) because the schedule will be prepared on Wednesday and will be released on Thursday morning and after that no more changes will be allowed.

No refunds given if a team fails to show-up for the tournament. There could be a MUST FILL Weather waiver in case of unplayable conditions.

Players shall fill the registration form and accept the waiver on the website

Sign-up will be confirmed after receiving payment confirmation and waiver accepted (required). 

Tournament format

The tournament format will be defined after the registration deadline when we'll be able to know how many teams are signed up. 

The event is being organized by National Footvolley Association (NFA) and the local association or promoter.

Players will NOT be allowed to play in both divisions if the games happen on the same day.

Players will have up to 250 points on the current NFA Rankings


The NFA tournaments are OPEN for all athletes and teams from all around the world.

​Players must have extensive knowledge of the way the sport is played, especially its rules, regulations, and strategies.

Fair Play is an absolute must! Footvolley is a team sport, but you should also have respect for the other teams, players and spectators. Playing footvolley competitively requires discipline, emotional control, focus, and fair play.

Fair play means being a professional at the sport and being an example to others. Any misconduct that differs from the NFA guidelines will be subject to suspension or fines.

Athletes who received any Unsportsmanlike Misconduct Notice on any League in the world might not be able to register.

Guidelines and requirements:

Pro Division:

No set age limit for any athletes, but a minimum of 15 years old

Minimum of 5 years of footvolley tournament experience

Proof of affiliation to any national association with approved regular season

Be internationally recognized as a top athlete

Be a top ranked player internationally or in the country of origin or within the regional US rankings

Any semi-finals round participation in the Open Division of the NFA Tour in the last year or current year

Open Division:

Please note that NFA’s main goal for the “Open” division is to help the development of players who have zero or very minimum experience with Footvolley, especially in tournaments.

Please note that players are NOT allowed to play in the “Open” Division if they have accomplished any of the following:

- Ranked in the top 25 of the 2019 NFA ranking of Pro division

- Ranked in the top 25 of the current NFA ranking of Pro division

- Made it to a semi-final game in 2019 of Pro division

- Made it to a semi-final game in the current year of Pro division

Athletes who have played as a professional in their country will not be allowed to play in Open Division.

NFA also encourages players 45 years of age (completed until the day of the event) or over to participate in the “Open” division.

Note: In case such special circumstance occurs, it will be of the sole discretion of the board of directors to approve the athlete’s participation in such tournament. 

Master Division: Players at least 45 years of age completed until the day of the event and your participation.

Queen of the Sand: Registration per player. The format of "Queen of the Sand" consists in all girls are able to participate. With this format, all girls will play individually with different partners, in other words, the girls who don’t have a partner can participate and have fun, with a chance to end up finding a partner for future tournaments.

CO-ED Division: mixed team between male and female. Any athlete registered at any other division will be able to play COED Division at no extra cost.

Both Women's and CO-ED division have to meet a minimum registration of 4 teams (Women's division) or 4 players ("Queen of the Sand") and 4 teams (CO-ED division) to be confirmed for the event.

Official Rules of International Footvolley Federation (FIFv)

Playing Area: the footvolley court dimensions will be 59 FT by 29 FT 6 Inches (18m x 9m).

Height of the Net: the Footvolley net will be set at 7 FT 2 Inches (2.20 meters)

Official Ball: The Official Ball will be the new MIKASA FT5

Official Partners

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