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Texas League 2020 is on!

Texas kicked off its Regional League in Houston, TX. This was the 1st stop of the Texas Footvolley League 2020 with athletes from Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. They gathered the beat on Texas for the annual edition of the NFA Footvolley Tour - USA 2020 qualifiers.

Date: Feb 29th, 2020 (Saturday):

Time: 10pm


The Powder Keg Houston

1300 Brittmoore Rd

Houston, TX 77043

Contact information:

Zuca Palladino: +1 (713) 417-9159

Texas League 2020.JPG

The players competed in 2 divisions. Here at the top 3 teams per division:

Advanced Division:

Champions: Zuca Palladino / Diego Tavares

Runners up: Taffarel / Guiga Muller

3rd Place: Alex Reis / Igor Nunes

Beginners Division:

Champions: Victor Correa / Isaac Revah

Runners up: Gustavo / Fabio

3rd Place: Carol Giglio / Nick Melocik

Texas League 2020 1st stop.jpg
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