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Ajaccio Mondial Footvolley

World championship in france

The World Footvolley Championship was held on the weekend of July 19 to 21, in Ajaccio, in the island of Corisca, France with the participation of 20 teams.

Dani Mendonça from Deerfield Beach, FL and Ivan Guimarães from Miami, FL represented the American team. With 400 points Daniel Mendonça is #3 in the current 2019 NFA ranking. He was 3rd place in the 1st stop of the 2019 NFA Tour in Deerfield Beach, FL on April, 13-14 and runner up of the 2nd stop in San Diego, CA on May, 4th and Ivan Guimaraes sits at #9 with 180 points with his 3rd place in San Diego, CA. Ivan Guimaraes was also one time champion of the NFA Tour in Houston, TX.

The team was made up of a mix of experience and youth. The oldest athlete in the competition, Ivan Guimarães, is 44 years old with a 25-year-old soccer career. On the opposite end, Daniel Mendonça turned 16 earlier this month, making him the youngest athlete to ever represent the U.S.

Another cool thing about him is, that he is the second US-born athlete to represent USA in the World Championship. In 2017, the country was represented by the first US-born athlete in the 2017 Volkswagen World Championship on Sep, 2-3 in Antibes, France. 

Previously, the country had always been represented by american naturalized athletes.

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