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SAN francisco local tournament - 1st Stop

A friendly tournament was held in San Francisco, CA!

Date: June 28th, 2020 (Sunday)

Time: 9am 


Piper Park

250 Doherty Dr

Larkspur, CA 94939

Contact information:

Gustavo Araujo - +1 (650) 867-8503


The tournament was played in 2 brackets A and B! Everyone played against everyone within your bracket! There were 13 athletes. The top 4 players who scored the most in their bracket went up to play in the Advanced Division with 8 athletes, and those who scored the least went to the Beginners Division with 5 athletes. The objective of the competition was to encourage the beginners athletes who do not usually play in a tournament, creating a competition between them and rewarding them to feel better and prestigious. Both Advanced and Beginners Divisions, the finals were held in the same format with games played between all athletes from the same division and the three best players were awarded. All the players had a lot of fun, good games and in the end o f the day a really good brazilian barbecue to celebrate the tournament.

Check the winners out below!

Advanced Division

Champion: Maximiliano Schenfeld

Runner up: Michel Assuncao

3rd Place: Leonardo Pinha

Beginners Division

Champion: Jansen Eduardo Salton

Runner up: Rafael Alves Oliveira

3rd Place: Leonardo Paloti

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